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10 Secrets to Getting Affordable Corporate Headshots That Look Expensive

Corporate headshots are more than just photos; they are an essential part of your company’s brand image. A well-crafted headshot can project professionalism, reliability, and approachability. However, getting high-quality affordable corporate headshots can often seem like a costly endeavor. As an experienced commercial photographer specializing in corporate photography, I’m here to share how you can achieve stunning results without breaking the bank.

Understanding Your Needs

Assess the Purpose

First and foremost, understand why you need these headshots. Are they for LinkedIn profiles, the company website, marketing materials, or internal directories? Knowing the purpose will guide your decisions on style and budget.

Number of Employees

Determine how many employees need headshots. This will help you negotiate better deals with photographers or plan your DIY session more efficiently.

Style and Background

Decide on the style that aligns with your brand. Do you prefer a formal, studio look or a more casual, natural setting? Consistency in style and background helps maintain a cohesive brand image.

Planning and Preparation


Coordinate a time that works best for everyone involved to minimize disruptions. Early mornings or late afternoons are often ideal as they avoid peak work hours.

Wardrobe Guidelines

Provide clear guidelines on what employees should wear. Opt for solid colors and avoid busy patterns. A professional look is essential, so encourage proper grooming as well.

Personal Anecdote: I once worked with a company that had a “Fun Friday” photoshoot. They wore branded t-shirts and the energy was great, but they ended up re-shooting in formal attire because the casual look didn’t fit their brand image. Lesson learned: Align the attire with your brand.

Location Selection

Choose a venue within the office or nearby to save on costs. A well-lit conference room or an outdoor area with natural light can work wonders.

Hiring the Right Photographer

Research and Shortlist

Look for photographers who specialize in affordable corporate headshots and have a solid portfolio. Websites, social media, and professional networks like LinkedIn are great places to start.

Compare Packages

Photographers offer various pricing models. Some charge per hour, while others offer packages based on the number of employees or photos. Evaluate what’s included in the price—retouching, digital copies, and rights to use the images.

Check Reviews

Read testimonials and seek recommendations from other businesses. A photographer’s reputation and previous client experiences are crucial.

DIY Photography Tips

If hiring a professional photographer isn't within your budget, you can achieve decent results on your own with some effort and the right tools.


Use high-quality smartphones or budget-friendly cameras. Many modern smartphones have excellent cameras that can produce professional-looking photos.


Natural light is your best friend. Position your subject near a window to utilize soft, even light. If natural light isn’t an option, affordable lighting kits can mimic studio lighting.

Personal Anecdote: I’ve done impromptu headshot sessions using just a smartphone and a reflector to bounce natural light. The results were surprisingly good and saved the client a lot of money.


Opt for a clean, uncluttered background. Plain walls or portable backdrops are ideal. Ensure the background color contrasts well with your subject’s clothing.

Framing and Composition

Follow basic photography principles: ensure your subject is centered, use the rule of thirds, and keep the camera at eye level. Encourage natural expressions and relaxed poses.

Post-Production and Editing

Basic Edits

Utilize free or inexpensive photo editing software like GIMP, Canva, or even smartphone apps to enhance your photos. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance to improve the overall look.

Consistent Look

Apply similar editing styles to all photos to maintain a uniform appearance. Consistency is key to a professional presentation.

Retouching Services

For more advanced edits, consider affordable online retouching services like Fiverr or Upwork. These platforms offer skilled freelancers who can enhance your photos at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

Maximizing Value

Bulk Discounts

When negotiating with photographers, inquire about bulk discounts for larger groups. Many photographers offer reduced rates for bigger projects.

Reuse and Repurpose

Use headshots across multiple platforms. Consistent images on LinkedIn, the company website, press releases, and internal communications reinforce your brand identity.

Regular Updates

Plan for periodic updates to keep headshots current. This doesn’t mean frequent sessions; instead, update headshots every couple of years or as needed.

Personal Anecdote: One of my clients schedules a headshot update every two years. It’s part of their employee onboarding process, ensuring everyone has an up-to-date, professional image.


Achieving professional affordable corporate headshots on a budget is entirely possible with careful planning and resourcefulness. By understanding your needs, preparing adequately, and utilizing both professional and DIY methods, you can create stunning headshots that enhance your brand image without overspending.

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I hope these tips help you achieve the perfect affordable corporate headshots for your team. If you have any budget-friendly headshot tips or experiences, share them in the comments below! For more personalized advice or to book a professional session, feel free to reach out for a free consultation. Let’s capture your team’s best side!